Establish your CloudCred

Get rewards for the things you know about the cloud – learn the things you don’t – and have some fun while you’re at it.


What is CloudCred?

If you know your stuff when it comes to the cloud, then you’ve got CloudCred.

CloudCred is the hub for all things cloud related. The game is your gateway to building your cloud expertise, broadening your professional network and earning rewards and certifications based on your CloudCred score.

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Why should I sign up?

Earn rewards for the things you know about the cloud and learn the things you don’t.

CloudCred is more than a fun way to flex your cloud skills and earn bragging rights. It’s a way to rack up on rewards and get certifications that can help you grow professionally.

    • Challenge yourself

      Go beyond the type of tasks you’re used to completing on a daily basis. You could learn something.

    • Get recognized

      Raise your CloudCred score to climb the leaderboard and get noticed by other industry professionals.

    • Expand your influence

      Grow your sphere of influence through tasks that help you build and share your perspectives with peers.

    • Get rewards

      Score points with every task to earn certifications and great rewards like…

    • Get vExpert status

      Earn the vExpert title for sharing your knowledge and passion for VMware technology.

    • Join the conversation

      Add your voice to the discussions around today’s cloud tools and where IT is headed in the future.

    • Develop perspectives

      Dive into and complete tasks covering a range of cloud-related topics to gain new insights.

    • Build your network

      Get to know your teammates and other industry professionals through challenges and activities.

    • Improve your knowledge

      Learn the things you don’t know about the cloud as you score CloudCred points.

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How do I get started?

Joining CloudCred is simple. Scoring CloudCred will take some skills.

Tackle individual tasks for points, or join a team and challenge others to score big with a group win. There are many ways to earn points and increase your CloudCred score, but it all starts with four simple steps:

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  • Join a Team
  • Complete Tasks
  • Get Rewards
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Rewards and Certification

Get the recognition and rewards that come with having CloudCred.

From weekly rewards to leveling up in the game to earn certifications, every point you score brings you one step closer to developing a real, in-depth working knowledge of the cloud and the grand prize.

Grand Prize Contest

Prestige & WIN

Prestige to the next level at any time during a 3-month quarter, and you'll be entered to win a GoProHero3 Camera!

2 Winners Selected Each Month!

24 GoPro Cameras to WIN this Year!

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Additional prizes

  • Personal Prizes

    Score t-shirts, jackets, and other items that show off your cred.

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  • Professional Prizes

    Earn training classes, opportunities to lead a session at VMworld and more.

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