About CloudCred

CloudCred is both a destination and a journey.

CloudCred is both a destination and a journey. It’s where your working knowledge of cloud computing is acknowledged, advanced and rewarded. And though CloudCred may be fun, it’s hardly a game. Each CloudCred task or challenge you complete helps to establish your cloud expertise, build your professional sphere of influence and provides you with access to the latest industry content.

By participating in CloudCred, you can gain:


CloudCred tasks and challenges cover a range of topics to test and develop your knowledge of cloud computing processes, applications, technologies and capabilities.


Many CloudCred activities promote knowledge-sharing and peer-to-peer interactions. From social network engagement to in-person meet-ups at forums and conferences, CloudCred can help you build your network and establish your professional credibility.


As a member of the CloudCred community, you will gain access to exclusive perks, industry insights and opportunities to earn credentials like vExpert status.

In additional to these professional gains, your CloudCred score can also earn you rewards.