CloudCred Rules

The Objective

The object of CloudCred is to build cloud expertise, establish cloud credentials, and show off cloud computing skills. Players tackle individual tasks, team tasks, or a task series to build their CloudCred score and earn rewards.

Earning Badges

A player earns points towards any of the more than 20 badges on the site by successfully completing tasks associated with that badge. Once he earns the designated amount of points, he is awarded the badge and it will appear on his Profile page.

Individual, Team, & Repeatable Tasks

Individual Tasks: Most CloudCred Tasks are “Individual” Tasks. Players may complete these tasks without the involvement of his team.

Team Tasks: Some tasks are designated “Team” Tasks. When a player starts a team task, all members of his or her team will be notified and points will not be awarded until five team members complete it.

Repeatable Tasks: Many tasks may be repeated more than once, and are designated as such by a circular arrow under the task title.


Certain CloudCred tasks may be designated “Individual Challenge” or “Team Challenge” in the Task Instructions.

Individual Challenge: A challenging player selects another CloudCred player to challenge. The challenged player then has 48 hours to respond before the task expires. A player may only participate in one challenge at a time.

A Team Challenge operates similarly: When requesting to challenge another team, members of the issuing team and the other team are notified. Five players from each team must complete the task before the points are awarded. Teams can only participate in one challenge at a time. Challenges will expire after 48 hours if they are not accepted or declined.

Earning Points

Players earn individual and team points separately, depending on the task. Some types of questions are auto-validated by the site, and other types of questions are subject to a later audit for accuracy. If an answer does not pass subsequent audit, points may be revoked. A player may earn partial points for a task if he answers only a portion correctly.

If a player leaves a team, points earned with that team stay with the team. Individual points do not transfer to team points if a player joins a team.


When a player joins the game, he or she is granted a Level 1 badge. When he accrues 20,000 points, he is eligible to prestige to the next level. Although the player can continue to complete tasks, he will not earn any further points until he prestiges to the next level. When a player is eligible to prestige, he will find the Prestige option in the "My Profile” area. Once a player prestiges, he is awarded the next badge, his points reset to 0, he is eligible to complete new level tasks, and he is able to repeat any repeatable tasks. Once he accrues 20,000 points at his new level, he will be eligible to prestige again. There are 15 Levels, total.


A team must contain a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 20 players. When signing up for CloudCred, a player is automatically assigned to a team. Teams are automatically filled until the team reaches 15 players - the remaining 5 places are reserved for invites. Players may switch between different (non-capacity) teams, create a team and/or invite members to be a part of that team, or leave a team and play independently at any time. Players may only belong to one team at a time. If the number of players on a team falls below 5, the team will be deactivated until it reaches the minimum players needed.


Each CloudCred World includes Individual and Team Leaderboards based on points earned in a designated amount of time: 7 days, 30 days, or 180 days. Once a player prestiges to the next level, his points reset to 0 and he must work his way back up the Leaderboards.

Winning Prizes

With the exception of prizes associated with specific contests, and thereby awarded according to a specific set of criteria, prizes are awarded at the specific Prestige and point levels noted on the Rewards page. The designation of “L: - “ on the Rewards page indicates what Prestige Level a player must achieve before that prize is awarded.

Once a player achieves the designated Prestige Level and points required to win a prize, a Congratulations pop-up box will appear with his gift code and a link to the CloudCred gift site. Follow the instructions to redeem the prize. If a player misses this pop-up or accidentally closes it, he can find his prizes won, along with their redemption codes, on the right side of his Profile page.

Prizes associated with specific contests will be awarded according to the rules of that promotion, and winners will be notified individually via email.

Grand Prize

All players who earn 20K points and elect to Prestige in any quarter will be entered into the monthly Grand Prize drawings. Two winners will be selected every month. operates on 3-month quarters, beginning in January.