CloudCred FAQs

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How am I assigned to a team?
When you sign up for CloudCred, you are automatically assigned to a team randomly. You can join a different team, leave your current team, or create a new team at any time.
How many people can join a team?
There is a maximum of 20 people on a team. CloudCred will automatically assign up to 15 people to a team. The final 5 spots are reserved for invites.
Why should I join a team?
Team activities allow you to engage in different tasks and expand your Cloud knowledge. There are also a variety of prizes associated with team tasks and challenges.
Can I restrict who joins my team?
No. Any CloudCred player can join or leave your team at any time.
I just created a team, why does it say I need more members?
In order for a team to be "active" it needs a minimum of 5 players.
How can I get more people to join my team?
After creating a team, you can invite current CloudCred players to join your team or invite non-players to join in the action.
If I leave one team and join another, do my team points carry over?
No. Team points earned with a team stay with that team even after you leave it.
Do I have to be part of a team?
No. You have the option of leaving a team at your own discretion. However, you can only compete in individual tasks.


I just won a prize. How do I redeem it?
When you win a prize, you will be sent an email with a redemption code along with a link to redeem the prize. If you qualify for a professional prize, you will receive an email and be contacted by a VMware representative.

Tasks and Challenges

I just completed a task worth 25 points, why did I only earn 15?
Depending on the task, you can earn partial points for completing it. For instance, if you took a quiz and missed a few questions - you can still receive partial points for it.
Can I repeat a task more than once?
Certain tasks in CloudCred are repeatable and will be labeled as such. Other tasks can only be completed once.
Is there a time limit to complete a task?
No. You can complete tasks at your own pace.
What's a challenge?
As a CloudCred player, you can challenge other teams or individuals to a task. Once you initiate a challenge, the challenged individual or team has 48 hours to accept or decline the challenge.
Can I have multiple tasks open at once?
Yes. You can start multiple tasks - both team and individual simultaneously. However, only one challenge can take place at a time.